our dream - il nostro sogno

Our dream – Il nostro sogno

Dreaming vs reality

Today is March 1st, 2021 and our dream is on hold because Covid-19 is still in control. Borders are closed, restrictions are there with regard to hotels, restaurants, shops and more. It has been over a year now since Covid-19 came into our lives and it seems like to accept it to be here like the flu and other infectious diseases. We will find a way to live with it, but how soon….time will tell.

Vision board

In the meantime we are still exploring our options. We have created a vision board for our dream with ideas for our live in Umbria. Next to that we are following an online course to learn the Italian language. We know Dutch is difficult to learn, but so it Italian in our opinion. Bit by bit we understand more of it.

We cannot wait until the borders are opening up again so we can go to Umbria to taste and experience the things we have in mind for our place. Spring is in the air and also in our minds. What we can do to prepare from home but some things need to be checked in real.

Many plans ahead of us and some are already falling into place. With the big picture and the vision board of our dream keeping us sharp and aware we are steady going forward.

See you next time / arrivederci alla prossima.