Small gesture

Although there are less posts on our site at the moment, there is no sitting still at Villa Ciperosa. Behind the scenes we are working hard to find a nice house for a few weeks or months and of course also to the place.

Making memories is what’s mentioned on the homepage banner. It’s the most beautiful thing there is and you can do it in many ways. Alone and together, face-to-face or remotely. One of them is sending a postcard. A small gesture with often a great effect.

CPRS living has put three e-cards on the site to send. Send a postcard to someone who is celebrating his/her birthday or as we approach the end of the year a Christmas card or New Year’s card. Whether you send one e-card or more is up to you.

Such a great effect sending a card

The effect of a ticket, itself an e-card, is often greater than expected. It can be an icebreaker in conflict, it can also bring a smile to the face of someone you haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time.

In short, send a card and you can send these three e-cards completely free of charge.

Who are you going to make beautiful new memories with? Who are you going to send your first card to?

¡Haz feliz a alguien, envía una tarjeta!