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La Buena Vida

Living the good life, or la buena vida in Spanish, is typical for the south of Europe and the people that live there.

The culture, the weather, the food, the typical products for a country or area, places to stay. All beautiful and each person is attracted by one or more of these and gives them good vibes.

For us living a good life means living at a place we love and working remote. Doing what we love and what we are good at. Contributing to a greater good and of course we also earn money with the things we do. After all money is still needed to make payments.

Experiencing the good life

During the months May & June 2022 we lived in Spain, Costa Blanca and were able to experience the life we have in mind. We continued our work as we do in the Netherlands and enjoyed the good things of living in this area at the same time.

The preferred area is very green. Lots of trees, almonds, oranges, olives and many fruits but also a beautiful variety of flowers and of course the sea. Driving to the sea and smelling the salty air….love it!

The Spanish food is very pure and fresh. The veggies have a more natural look and there is a variety of olive oils, vinegars, herbs and more. We love it to go local, buy local products instead of searching the products we know from back home.

Next is to be able to communicate (better) in Spanish 😉

Living la vida local!

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